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How? You can…

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Raga Labs

Join the IndianRaga initiative to learn classical music in a fun and interesting way!

Apply to Join

Raga Jam

Jam with your friends and release a fun video on the Raga Labs Channel

Apply to Become a

Raga Fellow

Join an exclusive network of professionals and release a video on IndianRaga

Raga Fellowship

– Apply for the Fellowship
– Submit a 3-5 min video
– Collaborate online with selected applicants
– Attend in-person collaborations at the Fellowship (except for Online Fellowship)
– Fine tune and professionally produce videos
Your Video is now live on IndianRaga!

Raga Fellowship Application Deadlines
Online Music 15 Dec 2020
Online Dance 18 Feb 2021

Raga Jam

The beauty of Raga Jam is that it is completely modular in nature!
Stage 1: Get evaluated to join other talented artists like you
Stage 2: Get assigned to a mentor who helps you with your piece
Stage 3: Create an audio recording (music labs) for your family and friends!
Stage 4: Create a video and release it on the Raga Labs Channel!

You can join full session or choose based on what your comfort levels are!

Raga Labs

1. Join a Raga Labs class
2. Learn Music in a fun and engaging way
3. Taught by IndianRaga Fellows
4. Collaborate with people from across the world
5. Showcase your video on a global platform

We have separate batches for Kids (12 years and under) and Adults.
Class timings suitable to people across the world.

IndianRaga Certification

Really passionate about learning? Get certified now!

Get expert feedback to take your craft to the next level.

IndianRaga Competitions

Want to expand your reach? Participate in Monthly Contests!

Create a fun video recording and share it with us, if we like it we will feature on our social media pages.

Fellowship, Raga Jam, Certification, Contests

How are they different?

 Raga FellowshipRaga Jam
CertificationMonthly Contests
What it is
A place for advanced artists to collaborate with like- minded professionals and create authentic, innovative pieces.A fun music/dance collaboration in a like minded groups of 4-6, professionally produced.An opportunity to learn and hone the craft of Indian classical music/dance with emphasis on performance-oriented curriculum.A fun platform to get folks to showcase their talent. The top talent get featured in our social media pages.
What you get
Video Release on IndianRagaVideo Release on Raga Labs Feedback and CertificateShowcase on IndianRaga's social media channels
Time CommitmentHighModerateLowLow
MentorshipProvidedOptionalNot ProvidedNot Provided
LocationSelect CitiesAll Cities100% Online100% Online

Why IndianRaga?

  • We are the ONLY crowd-sourced music and dance content channel today!
  • We work with talented artists like Mahesh Raghvan, Vinod Krishnan, Swathi Jaisankar and groom talent every year via our Fellowship and Raga Labs Programs
  • Our artistes get a global platform to showcase their talent, not only on the channel but also via live shows

100 million, and counting

The number of people that have watched our videos!
The number of artistes that have collaborated with us!
The number of IndianRaga Fellows representing various genres of music and dance, both classical and contemporary
The number of global cities we are present in!

Vision & Mission

Most classical concerts today have a very high audience age, and makes you wonder if these are a dying art. Its time we repackaged our arts in a way that is relevant and exciting to future generations while retaining their essence. That is the idea on which IndianRaga was built.

Our vision is to be the largest global platform for innovation and advancement in Indian performing arts. Our mission to do this is to identify the best talent and develop concepts that advance performing arts traditions.

In the 21st century, performing arts will not just be about technique but also the production context they are set in, the connect with audiences, and the relevance of themes. We help the best artists today add these to their skill sets, and produce iconic, groundbreaking works that advance these traditions for future generations.

Our Fellows perform at
the most iconic stages in
the world

IndianRaga has been invited to perform at:
United Nations General Assembly
World Government Summit
Howdy Modi
Timesgroup Gaana Music Festival
Lincoln Center
Chicago Cultural Center
Jacob’s Pillow
Joe’s Pub
Indian Navy
And many more…

City Chapters

If you love the performing arts and have some time on your hands, you can help bring IndianRaga to your city!

IndianRaga today has grown into the largest global platform for Indian performing arts. With over 500,000+ followers on Facebook and 100,000+ subscribers on YouTube, growing rapidly, we provide unparalleled reach and a truly meaningful stage to nurture and showcase talent.